Wednesday, August 1, 2012

what is a dummy phone ? all what you want to know

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Dummy phones

A dummy phone is a sort of the "phone" that used to be a model of phone in many stores in

 all the world. Dummy phone doesn't work, have no electronics inside and is just a plastic

 shell. You can find and buy dummy phones in many online shopping website like EBay and

 Amazon. A Lot of companies that sell that type of dummy phones will buy them in order to

 use them in their stores to show people what the phone looks like .So, they can get more of 

a physical feel for the phone the want to buy. It is an wonderful method to show customers 

what they are going to buy in order to not be cheated. Many people want to see your phone

 and they admire it , a dummy phone would be useful in this case in order to keep your 

phone undamaged by the click of everyone see your phone on it. You can buy a dummy 

phone to give it to people who want to see it instead of giving your real phone to them. Don't 

worry about the price of the dummy phone because it is very cheap it may coast you only 3 

or 4 dollars nearly.


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