Thursday, August 2, 2012

Importance and value of dummy phones

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uses of dummy phones

Many people may say what is the vain of having or displaying dummy phones in their homes , markets and stores as they aren't real and don't work ! They really don't know their value and the importance of having a dummy phone

We will talk about their uses and value
 Thought that one of your friends , family or anyone admire your phone and he took it from you to see it , see how many people will click on it or touch it and this expose your phone to be damaged … A dummy phone would be useful for that purpose . Give the dummy phone to him instead of your real phone

 If you have a store or a shop displaying in it Phones, this shop may be robbed. A dummy phone would prevent this as the thief would have no reason to steel a fake phone , this will not affect the company's finances.
Finally , In my opinion I think a dummy phone would be useful for everyone beside his real phone


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